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Family & Fun!

Super Bowl Morning!!

Just hanging out, having my morning coffee with Tom!!


#NotDone #GOAT #6Rings

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Family & Fun!

Should we be Concerned About the Bellybuttons?

For the last few months every time Savannah draws a picture she makes sure to include bellybuttons on her drawings..Her people still have stick arms & legs, and don’t yet have necks, but they do have bellybuttons.. They get a kick out of this at daycare, lol.

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Family & Fun!

Some Changes..

I’ve been contemplating making some changes to this blog..

For the most part, up until now, most of the content here has been focused around promoting Internet / digital marketing related products & services. When I originally started this blog my intention was to document my journey being a work-from-home “dad-preneur”. Looking back on some of the content, it’s just not as engaging as I would’ve liked it to be.

Moving forward I’m going to provide more of a candid look into my life and other things that are going on outside of the work-related marketing promotions. Life with a 6 year old son and a 4 year old daughter is an exciting adventure and I want to produce more content that reflects that..

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